Our greatest wealth

Decided my career just isn’t for me;

they’re taking the pleasure, increasing the fee.

Tories are trampling this national treasure,

Abandon the ship!

They take more than our measure.


Once held up high, envied, revered,

Now stealing and stripping it,

branded and smeared.

Privatisation is worse than we feared,

the poor are the victim, politicians all jeer.


Like the mines lost before,

we’re footing the bill,

They’re taking our freedom; I’m losing the will.

They gamble our wealth for their personal gains,

our National Health Service is taking the strain.


Feeding their friends and their own private business,

No time for caring, just reaping,

corruption is endless.

They control and restrict,

but they won’t help mend us.


So next time you hear their exploiting campaign,

question their motives for causing you pain;

for they rip it apart with cunning and stealth

and our health care system

should be our greatest wealth.



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