Our greatest wealth

Decided my career just isn't for me; they're taking the pleasure, increasing the fee. Tories are trampling this national treasure, Abandon the ship! They take more than our measure.   Once held up high, envied, revered, Now stealing and stripping it, branded and smeared. Privatisation is worse than we feared, the poor are the victim, [...]


Open up, beautiful Let me see the heart of you so delicate and vulnerable you're poised to soak the sun.   Living in this moment, like last year never was all that dormant stagnant stump growing out your vase.   Yet, you give me simple hope in little light of day when all those flower [...]

Bicentennial Brontës

Defying expectation Three sisters told the world of love and desperation; completely broke the mold   They verbalised the heartbreak that many dare not bear conjured up these other worlds Of Earnshaw, Grey and Eyre.   Blazing brave new routes unknown As if to forge through wall of stone Stiff and strict Victorian Dictate that [...]